Organic Fruits and Vegetable Delivered Right to Your Door

Home delivery service for organic fruits and vegetables has to be a good thing, right?  I’m not entirely sure…

Yesterday I signed up for Boston Organics, a local service which does home delivery of organic fruits, vegetables and other products.  I found out about the service at the D2E Expo I went to a couple of weekends ago.  Seems like a great idea and was reasonably priced.  How can it be bad, right?

Well I was feeling very proud of myself after signing up and updated my Facebook status with the following:

“Just signed up for Boston Organics. What’s better than organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your door?”

Here are some of the comments I got:

“be careful – it is a good thing for a few weeks and then suddenly you are trapped in your apartment by kale and strange citrus fruits which seem to be multiplying in your refrigerator every time you turn your back on them!!! Or I guess I could actually cook my deliveries…”

“I agree with the comment above – you hit a certain point where you get strangely psychotic when faced with yet more vegetables, and you do crazy things like holding a giant parsnip to your forehead to be a vegetable unicorn! No….more….veggies…..”

Now I’m a little scared.  I ordered the smallest box available, so let’s hope I’m not over-run with produce.  I’ll also have some out of town guests next week, who will hopefully help me eat all the veggies.  I guess if it’s too much I can cut down to every other week.  I’ll have to wait and see.

My first delivery is next Thursday.  Wish me luck!


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