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Un-Sustainably Me: True Confession 1

Tonight I was faced with a green dilemma.  I left an event and was was going to head to a nearby restaurant with a friend for a quick bite to eat.  While it was warm outside during the day, it had cooled  down quite a bit since the sun went down.  My friend and I were both freezing and dreading the five minute walk to the restaurant.  Walking over was clearly the best choice.  I would have gotten a bit of exercise and reduced my carbon footprint.   Unfortunately, in a weak moment, I caved.  My car was parked close by and rather than walking to the restaurant and then walking back after,  I drove to the restaurant and parked out front.

I guess going green can be kind of like going on a diet.  To do it successfully it requires a total lifestyle shift.  Most of the time this is ok for me, but sometimes it just feels like deprivation and I give in to my old ways.  I’m not proud of it, but I am human.  I guess I’ll just pick myself up, dust myself off and get back on the green wagon tomorrow!


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