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Today’s the day!

While I’ve always been a person who was concerned with the environment and the impact we all have on our planet, over the last year I have become increasingly dedicated to living a more sustainable life.  Sustainability means many things to many people, but to me it is this:

  • Reducing my personal impact on the planet as much as possible, by making small (okay, sometimes not that small) changes to the way I live my life
  • Increasing the positive impact I have on the lives of other people
  • Managing my life so that my personal life gets just as much attention as my career

It’s been a long, windy, and often very funny road and I have learned many valuable lessons along the way.  While I am not a sustainability expert, I think I can make it easier for others to walk down this path by sharing my experiences so they can avoid some of the pitfalls and make more informed choices without having to do all of the research themselves.

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for a while, I guess today’s the day!


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